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Kiddo Junior Plus Pink

Kiddo Junior Plus Pink

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Kiddo Junior Plus, the spirit of the vintage diaper, by Diaper-Minister

Throwback to the heyday of the 80s and 90s with this retro design diaper!
A strip of teddy bear motifs highlights the nod to the past, as does the 2-fastening system, which guarantees comfort and freedom of movement.
But it is of course its touches of blue or pink colors (your choice) that will definitely take you back to childhood.
Its absorption of 4500 ml, its anti-leakage barrier system and its system to keep dry are a reference in the segment, at the height of the diapers of the Kiddo range.
The soft plastic texture turns out to be thick and noisy for a real trip down memory lane.

Kiddo Junior Plus, the diaper directly inspired by our memories!

Size Guide
Size  M L


65 - 120 cm
25,5 - 47,2 in

75 - 135 cm
29,5 - 53,1 in


The case is composed of 4 packs of Kiddo Junior Plus Pink.

Detailed features:

Absorption (ml)4500
Tapes2 Adhesives
Units per Pack10
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