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Kiddo Little Sailor

Kiddo Little Sailor

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Adventurously fight leaks with the new "Little Sailor" Diaper!

Its absorption of 5000 ml will keep the pirate in you dry. Go on a treasure hunt freely thanks to its unique cut, which allows you great freedom of movement. Its 4 transparent and repositionable fasteners reveal the exclusive pattern of this diaper turned towards the sea and adventure.

But be on your guard: its plastic and noisy texture could well get you noticed!

Little Sailor: a diaper for sea-footed adventurers!

Size Guide
Size  M L


70 - 100 cm
27,5 - 39,3 in

100 - 130 cm
39,3 - 51,1 in


The case is composed of 4 packs of Kiddo Little Sailor.

Detailed features:

Absorption (ml)5500
Tapes4 Adhesives
Units per Pack10
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